Booster Seat Ratings

Toddler Booster Seat Ratings

This article is based on a recent booster seat review done by Consumer Reports®.

The review focused on the same three criteria that the infant and convertible car seat reviews were based on; crash protection, ease of use and vehicle fit.

The crash rating judged the protective ability of the car seat and the amount of movement by the child in the car seat under review. The test used child size dummies in a simulated frontal crash test.

Judging the ease of use was based on instruction clarity, easy to read labels and the ease of adjustment of clips, buckles and latches.

Fitting the booster seat in a variety of vehicles and the ease of correct installation was also part of the judging criteria for the toddler booster seat rating.

Best Booster SeatsFirst Years Compass Ultra B540

The First Years Compass Ultra B540 was rated a Consumer Reports “Best Buy” for high-back booster seats.

The weight range for the high-back First Years Compass Ultra B540 booster seat is from 30-100 Pounds and the height rage is from 38 to 57 inches.

This Booster Seat was rated the best of the dedicated high-back booster seat models for child and vehicle fit.

The approximate retail price for the First Years Compass Ultra B540 is $85

Best Safety Rated Booster Seat

Evenflo Big Kid LX

The Evenflo Big Kid LX was rated one of the best overall performers for both backless and high-back booster seats.

This Booster Seat has a backless weight range from 40-100 pounds and a high-back weight range of 30-100 pounds.

The height range for the backless is from 40-57 inches and from 38-57 inches for the high-back.

The Big Kid LX Booster was rated with the best balance between crash protection, vehicle belt fit and ease of use.

The price of the Evenflo Big Kid LX Booster Seat is approximately $45.

The Graco Nautilus 3-in-1

Best Booster SeatsThe Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 was rated a Consumer Reports® “Best Buy” based in the criteria listed above and the price range.

This Graco booster seat has a harness weight range of twenty (20) to sixty-five (65) pounds and a booster seat weight range of thirty (30) to one-hundred (100) pounds.

The height range for the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 harness is from twenty-seven (27) to fifty-two (52) inches and a booster seat height range of thirty-eight (38) to fifty-seven (57) inches.

The seat itself weighs approximately twenty (20) pounds.

The price range of the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 is from $138 to $160.

The Evenflo Maestro

Cheap Booster SeatsThe Evenflo Maestro was also rated a “Best Buy” by Consumer Reports®.

This booster seat has a reasonable price from approximately $68 – $111. The Evenflo Maestro works well in harness mode or booster seat mode and is easy to use. Evenflo Maestros that were made between 11/24/2009 and 4/9/2010 in the U.S and between 12/17/2009 and 4/26/2010 in Canada were subject to a recall however Evenflo Maestro seats that were built after April 2010 were not subject to the recall.

Please see the links below for more information on the Maestro recalls.

The Evenflo Maestro has a much lighter weight than the Graco Nautilus at approximately eleven (11) pounds.

The Maestro has a harness weight range of twenty (20) to fifty (50) pounds and a booster seat weight range of forty (40) to one-hundred (100) pounds.

The height range for the Evenflo Maestro harness is from twenty-nine (29) to fifty (50) inches and a booster seat height range of forty-four (44) to fifty-seven (57) inches.

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