Michigan Car Seat Laws

Michigan Car Seat Laws

Rear Facing Car SeatInfant Rear Facing Car Seats – From Birth Until Age Two (2)

  • Babies and Toddlers should ride in a rear facing car seat until the age of two (2)
  • In the State of Michigan all children under the age of four (4) must ride in the back seat of the vehicle providing a back seat exists.
  • If the back seat of the vehicle is already occupied by children under the age of four (4) then the child may ride in the front seat of the vehicle.
  • Children may only ride in a rear facing car seat in the front of the vehicle if the airbag is turned off.

Forward Facing Car SeatForward Facing Car Seats – From Ages Two (2) to Four (4)

  • Children between the ages of two (2) and four (4) should ride in a forward facing car seat.
  • Children under the age of four (4) must ride in the back seat of the vehicle if a back seat exists.

Booster SeatBooster Seats – Until Age Eight (8) or Four (4) Feet, Nine (9) Inches Tall

  • Children must be properly secured in a car seat or a booster seat until they are eight (8) years of age or reach the height of four (4) feet, nine (9) inches tall.

Other Child Car Seat Safety Recommendations

  • Car seats must be buckled in tightly with no more than one (1) inch of side to side or front to back movement.
  • A rear facing car seat should be secured so that the child’s head lies back on the car seat without falling forward.
  • Always refer to the car seat manufacturer’s instructions for installation and for height and weight limitations.

Seat BeltsMichigan Seat Belt Law

    • Passengers from birth until age eight (8) are covered above.
    • All passengers from age eight (8) to fifteen (15) must wear seat belts regardless of their position in the vehicle.

  • Drivers and front seat passengers must wear seat belts.

Exceptions to the Michigan Seat Belt Law

  • Buses, Motorcycles and Mopeds
  • Vehicles manufactured before January 1st, 1965
  • A passenger with written proof from a physician for medical reasons
  • United States Postal Service or Rural Carriers while serving route.

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