Missouri Car Seat Laws

Forward Facing Car SeatMissouri Car Seat Laws

Any child under the age of four (4) must be restrained in a child safety seat.

This child passenger restraint system must have an approval label from the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) indicating that the child safety seat or system meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Booster SeatMissouri Booster Seat Requirements

Children meeting the following criteria must be transported in a booster seat:

The child weighs a minimum of forty (40) pounds regardless of age, or

The child is from four (4) to eight (8) years of age, or

The child weighs from forty (40) to eighty (80) pounds, or

The child is less than four (4) feet nine (9) inches in height

Missouri Car Seat Law Exceptions

If the vehicle transporting a child qualifying for a booster seat and the vehicle in not equipped with a lap and shoulder belt system, the child may be secured in the back seat using a lap belt only.

If the number of immediate family members being transported in a vehicle outnumbers the number of child safety restraint devices, the child without a child safety restraint device must be secured in the back seat of the vehicle.

Seat BeltsMissouri Seat Belt Laws

The State of Missouri requires all drivers of passenger vehicles and passengers sitting in the front seat that are sixteen (16) years of age and older to wear seat belts.

Drivers and passengers may be individually cited and fined for a violation of the Missouri Seat Belt Law.

Graduated Drivers License Holders that are operating a vehicle are responsible for assuring that all passengers including themselves are properly secured in approved child car seats or safety belts regardless of their position in the vehicle.

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