Ohio Car Seat Laws

Forward Facing Car SeatOhio Car Seat Laws

  • Any child younger than four (4) years of age or forty (40) pounds must use a child safety seat.
  • Children under the age of eight (8) must use a booster seat unless they are a minimum of four (4) feet, nine (9) inches in height.
  • All children from eight (8) to fifteen (15) years of age must use a safety belt or a child safety seat.

Booster SeatOhio Booster Seat Law

In the State of Ohio children are required to use a booster seat after they outgrow their child safety seats.

Typically this would be when a child reaches the age of four (4) and weighs forty (40) pounds.

The child should remain in the booster seat until the age of eight (8) unless their height is at least four (4) feet, nine (9) inches tall.

Drivers who are cited for a violation of the Ohio Car Seat Law will receive a fine of $25 minimum, or up to $75 for each violation.

Seat BeltsMoving From a Booster Seat to a lap and Shoulder belt

Booster seats are specifically designed to raise a child high enough so the lap and shoulder belt will fit them correctly.

The safest choice is to leave the child in the booster seat (within manufacturer’s specifications) until the child safely fits into the lap and shoulder belt.

The shoulder belt should cross the middle of the chest and shoulder and not across the throat or neck.

The lap belt should fit snug across the upper thighs and not around the stomach.

Source Document for this Article – State of Ohio Website