Texas Car Seat Laws

Forward Facing Car SeatTexas Car Seat Law Requirements

In the State of Texas Children eight (8) years of age are not required by law to use a child safety seat system.

If a child is four feet, nine inches tall (4’ 9”) the child is not required by law to use a child safety seat system even if they are younger that eight (8) years old.

If a driver is cited for a violation of the Texas Car Seat Law the fine for the first offense will be twenty five dollars ($25) Maximum and two hundred fifty dollars ($250) Maximum for a second or subsequent violation.

The Texas Car Seat Law also requires that all booster and safety seats be installed and used per the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

This includes placement of the booster or safety seat and the recommended height, age and weight criteria specified.

Child Safety Seat and Best Practices

Rear Facing Car SeatRear Facing Car Seat or Rear Facing Convertible Safety Seat

For a newborn or infant from birth to 35 pounds or up to the limit of the seat.

Forward Facing Car SeatForward Facing Car Seat

After a child outgrows the rear facing seat, they should be placed in a forward facing car seat. Typically this would be a child four (4) years of age or above. The forward facing car seat should be installed in the back seat. Never place a child younger than one (1) Year old and twenty two (22) pounds or less in a forward facing car seat.

Booster SeatBooster Seats

Once a child is age four (4) and forty (40) pounds or above the child can ride in a booster seat using an adult lap and shoulder belt. Children riding in a booster sear must use both a lap and shoulder belt.

Seat BeltsSeat Belt Safety

After a child grows to approximately four foot nine inches (4’ 9”), 100 pounds a child may use an adult safety belt providing the belt fits the child properly. The belt should fit with the low portion over the hips and the shoulder belt should cross the center of the shoulder and chest.

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