Utah Car Seat Laws

Utah Car Seat Laws

  • In the State of Utah children under the age of eight (8) must be secured in a booster seat or a child restraint.
  • Children under the age of eight (8) that are fifty-seven inches (57”) in height or taller may be restrained without a booster seat provided they use a vehicle lap and shoulder belt system.

Utah Car Seat Law Responsibilities and Fines

  • The Utah car seat law is a primary enforcement law for occupants under the age of nineteen (19).
  • The driver of the vehicle has legal responsibility to assure all passengers are properly restrained.
  • The fine for a violation of this law is $45.

Exceptions to the Utah Booster Seat Law

  • Children eight (8) years of age or are fifty-seven inches (57”) in height.
  • Vehicles with only back seat lap belts installed provided the child is a minimum of forty (40) pounds.
  • Passenger cars that were made prior to 1967.
  • Other vehicles, such as buses that are not required to have seat belts.
  • If all other seating positions are taken, the unrestrained occupants are exempt.

  • A written statement from a licensed physician due to physical or medical reasons.

Other Safety Recommendations

  • Children should never share a single safety belt.
  • Keep children in the back seat of the vehicle for as long as possible.
  • Booster Seats may only be used with a lap and shoulder belt system.
  • Infants riding in a rear facing car seat should never be placed in the front seat of a vehicle with an active passenger side airbag.
  • The lap belt should fit comfortably on the upper thigh of the child.
  • The shoulder portion of the lap and shoulder belt combination should fit comfortably across the center of the chest, not the neck.

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