Virginia Car Seat Laws

Forward Facing Car SeatVirginia Car Seat Laws

In the State of Virginia all children under the age of eight (8) must be secured with a child safety seat. Unlike many other states there are no height or weight limits associated with this car seat law.

  • All rear facing child safety seats must be secured in the back seat of the vehicle.
  • If there is no back seat in the vehicle, the child safety seat may be placed in the front passenger seat of the vehicle if the vehicle passenger seat airbag has been disabled or no passenger side airbag exists.
  • Children may not ride in the rear cargo area of any vehicle unless they are properly restrained.

Booster SeatMore on the Virginia Car Seat Law

  • The Virginia Car Seat Law applies to any adult that is responsible for transporting any child in a vehicle manufactured after January 1, 1968.
  • The State of Virginia Car Seat Law is a primary enforcement law.
  • This means that you can be pulled over by an officer of the law based on the suspicion that a child in the vehicle is not restrained in an approved seat.
  • The fine for a first offense violation of the Virginia Car Seat law is fifty dollars ($50).
  • A second or subsequent offense can bring a fine up to $500.
  • If you qualify as a low-income resident of the State of Virginia you may receive assistance by calling the Virginia Department of Health at 1-800-732-8333.

Seat BeltsVirginia Seat Belt Law

All children age eight (8) through seventeen (17) must be secured with vehicle safety belts in any vehicle manufactured after January 1, 1968.

Children under the age of sixteen may not be transported in the rear cargo area of a pickup truck.

All drivers and front seat passengers in the State of Virginia are required to wear seat belts.

The driver is also responsible for ensuring that passengers under the age of eighteen (18) are properly secured.

Car Seat Law Exemptions

If the child is exempt because of physical disability or other medical reasons the driver can be cited and fined $20 if they do not carry a written statement of exemption

Depending on the circumstances vehicles in parades or farming operations may be exempt from this law.

Public transportation such as buses, taxis, some school transportation vehicles may also be exempt.

Prior to assuming an exemption please call the Virginia Injury Prevention Hotline at 1-800-732-8333

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