Wyoming Car Seat Laws

Wyoming Car Seat Laws

  • In the State of Wyoming all children under the age of nine (9) must be secured in a restraint that meet federal standards for child restraint systems (Infant Seats, Convertible Car Seats, Booster Seats).
  • Children must be secured in a seat other than the front seat unless all safety belts are in use by other child passengers or if the vehicle has only a front seat.
  • *Note: Never install a rear facing infant seat in the front seat of a vehicle with an active passenger side airbag.
  • The child safety seat must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • This law applies to all privately owned, leased or rented noncommercial passenger vehicles.

Wyoming Car Seat Law Penalties

  • First Offense – $60 (May be waived with proof of acquisition)
  • Second Offense – $110 and all Subsequent Offenses

Car Seat Recommendations

Car Seat Age, Weight and Height Recommendations

Wyoming Seat Belt Laws

  • In the State of Wyoming all occupants of a vehicle must have a properly adjusted and fastened safety belt or child safety restraint.
  • The drive of a vehicle is responsible for assuring all passengers under the age of twelve (12) are properly secured in the vehicle.
  • The driver may be fined up to $25 for a seat belt violation.
  • Unbuckled passengers may be fined up to $10 for a seat belt violation.

Exceptions to the Wyoming Seat Belt Law

  • Vehicles that were not manufactured with safety belts.
  • Passenger vehicles manufactured prior to model year 1967
  • Vans and Trucks manufactured before model year 1972.
  • Children properly secured in accordance with the Wyoming Car Seat Law

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